The Four Pillars of CPEC

Pillar 1: Early Intervention

Early intervention is a high priority for children with Cerebral Palsy. Developmentally, this is the most critical time of brain development, with the vast proportion of learning occurring in the first five years of life.

Even a small gain from early intervention can have major functional significance, for example momentarily taking weight through the feet opens a whole range of independent options in dressing, toileting, moving from one position to another actively. The child, or adult, may then only need minimal assistance, rather than lifting.

Pillar 2: Extended Education

The Extended Education After School services began in response to parent requests for continuing service after the early childhood intervention programs. The Extended Education After School services build children's skills and increase independence.

The service offers specialist group programs incorporating age-appropriate life skills for students who attend their local primary and secondary schools.

There are currently 45 school-age students between the ages of 6 and 15 years who attend either weekly or fortnightly throughout the school terms. The sessions run for minimum of two hours after school.

Pillar 3: School Services

The Enabling Inclusion in School Communities project aims to provide a range of new training opportunities targeted at improving the presence, access, participation and achievement in schooling for children with cerebral palsy.

A series of thirteen workshops is offered annually and a combination of whole day and 2 hour after-school sessions are offered over four school terms.

Some workshops have prerequisite sessions and the content is interrelated and linked throughout the series. This allows for learning to be built upon and consolidated throughout the year.

Pillar 4: Education and Training

CPEC is at the forefront of learning and professional development for therapists working with children who have Cerebral Palsy.

We currently deliver a range of professional development programs to enable therapists to develop their skills.