Going Forward

Leadership Role

There is a great deal of potential for CPEC to develop its leadership role in the community in providing:

  • Additional consultancy services to families, early intervention centres, schools and tertiary training institutions.
  • Targeted training modules to parents, therapists, teachers, support staff, tertiary institutions.
  • Contracts to provide staff to service programs in other regions of Melbourne, country regions of Victoria and intensive holiday programs.
  • Intensive training programs to professionals from other states and internationally.
  • Professional opinion and advice for developing an infrastructure to link and extend conductive education based services into other service settings where there are children with Cerebral Palsy - metropolitan and country.
  • Published works on, the parameters of effective early intervention services applying principles of conductive education, in line with the CPEC program.


At CPEC we are always looking at ways to increase the profile of the impact of Cerebral Palsy and the benefits of early intervention. This will be vital in lobbying governments to match funding commitments of governments in other developed countries especially in the environment of increased competition for government, public and philanthropic funding.