CPEC's Education & Training Initiative

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The Cerebral Palsy Education Centre has established an exciting new initiative to develop and launch our CPEC Education and Training Program. 

CPEC will provide onsite courses at CPEC, as well as e-learning courses, for teachers, therapists, families and communities connected with children with cerebral palsy. These courses will provide information about children with cerebral palsy and strategies to address:

  • physical mobility
  • school curriculum adjustments
  • access to specialised technology
  • communication and daily life skills.

This will increase the opportunities for many of these children to be active members of their communities, and to participate and learn at school.

We are working to raise $500,000 to make this a reality. We encourage everyone spead the word to help raise funds, and we are also asking the community to buy golden bricks, which are worth $100 each.

The new CPEC Education and Training Service can help change the lives of children with cerebral palsy no matter where they live. You can help make this happen.

To buy a golden brick simply press the button below to donate. All donations are tax deductible.

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