Our staff

The staff at the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (CPEC) are recognized as global leaders in their specialist field of education and teaching for children with cerebral palsy or like disabilities. The delivery of the programs is provided in a “trans-disciplinary team” structure which includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists; with consultative input from a Hungarian trained conductor (teacher/therapist) and a psychologist. A program aide assists within the learning groups with setting up and preparation of equipment and materials as required within the curriculum by the therapy team.

One of the other core aspects of the programs is that the child’s mother (and occasionally the father) directly participate in the programs full time so that they learn the principles of the education & learning programs which they become familiar and confident to apply in the child’s everyday life away beyond the Centre; hence the theme “Learning For Life”. So dedicated are the parents of older CPEC children who have seen the amazing successes for their own grown child, that many of these parents return as volunteers to assist and support the new mothers and babies starting out on their journey of providing the best life opportunities for their child.

Claire Cotter

Claire Cotter is the founder and manager of the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre, and the senior Occupational Therapist. For more information on Claire, please click here.

Gayle Porter

Gayle Porter is an internationally recognised expert in Speech Pathology. For more information on Gayle, please click here.

Lynn Carter

Lynn Carter is the Senior Physiotherapist at CPEC and has over 35 years’ experience as highly respected therapist and educator in the field. For more information on Lynn, please click here.