Statement of Purpose

The main purpose of the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre is to provide people with cerebral palsy and their families direct relief from the suffering, distress and long-term consequences of the child’s disability.

CPEC provides information and strategies to support children and young people who have cerebral palsy and like conditions, and their families, to develop the knowledge, judgment and skills required to enable independent and autonomous participation as an equal member of society, minimising the potential limitations of their disability.

At CPEC, there is a recognition that children who have cerebral palsy and like conditions need structured learning opportunities to develop skills and functions that spontaneously develop for children who have neurotypical function. These learning opportunities are in addition to, not instead of, full active participation and engagement in their community as per their siblings and peers.

There is a recognition that members of the wider community need significant information, support and training in order to build their capacity to include children with cerebral palsy and like conditions.

CPEC provides a service which teaches children and young people and their families to develop the multiplicity of skills in all areas of their life in an holistic system of education i.e. daily living, physical, social, emotional, cognitive and communication skills.

  • There is a recognition that each function is complex and multifaceted. Intervention is therefore provided in a manner that supports the integration and interconnectedness of skill acquisition. The CPEC service considers each child’s multiple requirements.
  • CPEC provides families and individuals with access to a specialized educational program that focuses on the learning requirements of people with cerebral palsy. This is an integrated, comprehensive service which teaches families in a framework using principles of conductive education and embeds a range of therapeutic strategies into the educational framework. This educational approach is now known as the CPEC program.

CPEC  advocates for, and seeks to acquire funding from government, philanthropic, business and community sectors to support the children and their families.

CPEC aims to develop community capacity by providing professional development and collaboration across a range of settings in a range of formats to enable children and young people with cerebral palsy to participate and engage with their peers.