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Supporting learners with CVI

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Cerebral Vision Impairment (CVI) is a brain-based vision impairment impacting many individuals with motor challenges. When a CVI occurs, the structure of the eye is unaffected, however individuals have difficulties using their vision functionally. With targeted supports and intervention, individuals with CVI can learn to use their vision in meaningful ways to access technology, learning and communication. With a focus on individuals with complex physical disabilities, this three part workshop series aims to highlight the following: - Characteristics of CVI, - The impact of a CVI on participation and learning, - How to embed strategies to support developing functional vision across the day, and - Supporting communication development and access to technology for individuals with CVI Part 1 of this series is an online webinar providing essential background information and pre learning around: - What a CVI is and how it occurs - Neuroplasticity and creation of new neural pathways - Impact of a CVI on a young person with severe motor challenges - Characteristics of a CVI - Introduction to CVI vision assessments and - Expectations for individuals presenting with a CVI

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