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CPEC Allied Health New Graduate Program

You can apply for CPEC’s Allied Health New Graduate program if you are a new or recent graduate in speech pathology, occupational therapy or physiotherapy. Applicants must be eligible for AHPRA or SPA membership. 

CPEC Graduates working with kids

Applicants for CPEC’s new graduate program should:

  • Value and respect people with a range of disabilities

  • Have a keen interest in supporting people with sensory, motor and/or communication disabilities to be active members of their communities

  • Enjoy working in partnership with participants, their families and other professionals to achieve the participant’s goals

  • Have a driver’s license and willingness to support participants where they want to be supported, in the clinic or in their community

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Benefits of CPEC’s Allied Health New Graduate program

CPEC’s Allied Health New Graduate Program is a 12-month program designed for new or recently graduated therapists. The program will provide support and knowledge to work with individuals with sensory, motor and/or communication disabilities.

The program will support you to develop transdisciplinary knowledge around goal setting and interventions that meet an individual’s goals.

The program will provide you with opportunity to work with a diversity of customers from early intervention, school age and adults.

CPEC therapist working with a young child
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Access to mentors including shadowing in sessions and regular 1:1 support out of sessions.

Reduced billing expectations during your new graduate year.

The program includes internal training sessions on sensory, motor and communication disabilities and the range of interventions, strategies and assistive technologies available.

All therapists will receive training to prescribe and adjust/customise assistive technologies and equipment that relate to their therapy discipline.

All therapists will receive training to support individuals with motor disabilities to actively move and transition in and out of equipment.

All therapy disciplines will receive training and support to communicate with individuals using AAC, and extra training in use of the PODD communication system (this system is developed by CPEC senior speech pathologist, Gayle Porter).

Speech Pathologists will also receive PROMPT training and support with dysphagia management.

Training and support to use client management systems will be provided.

About CPEC

CPEC is an established and innovative centre with over 22 years of experience in therapy service supporting individuals of all ages living with cerebral palsy and complex disabilities that result in movement, sensory processing and communication challenges.

We focus on supporting the whole person to live life on their own terms, focusing on our motto “learning for life”

The CPEC vision is that people with cerebral palsy and similar conditions are able to live an inclusive life on their own terms confident in their knowledge, skills and supports to achieve their own goals and active participation in life.

CPEC Team in front of a sign that reads 'CPEC Learning for Life'

CPEC’s core values include: 

Belief that every individual can learn

Benefits of the experiences of role models and mentors for clients, families and staff

Goals and aspirations of families are our focus

Commitment to up-to-date, evidence-based or research-based therapies that facilitates long term outcomes for clients and families

Building each child’s self-esteem and confidence in themselves and their abilities

How to apply

To apply for the CPEC Allied Health New Graduate Program please send your CV to Sue at

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