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Speech Pathology

Speech pathologists work with children and young people to:

  • support the development of communication and language using a range of forms – speech; keyword sign and gesture; aided AAC systems including PODD communication books and speech generating devices

  • assist individuals with understanding spoken language

  • further develop social skills

  • support literacy (reading, spelling and use of written language)

  • safely manage meal times including eating, drinking and safe swallow

  • assist with saliva control challenges

Individual sessions of occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech pathology can be provided in your home, at the Centre, or via Telehealth. Head to our FAQ page for more info.

If you want to learn more about our Group Programs, please see here for more information.

Young boy and therapist use an iPad during Speech Pathology session at CPEC

Interested in learning more about Speech Pathology?

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