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Complementary, Alternative, and Mainstream Service use Among Families with Young Children with Multiple Disabilities: Family Costs to Access Choices

Helen Bourke-Taylor, Claire Cotter & Rebecca Stephan

Fathers of children with disability: health, work and family life issues

Helen Bourke-Taylor, Claire Cotter, Kahli Joyce, Ted Brown & Dinah Reddihough

Therapists’ perspectives: supporting children to use switches and technology for accessing their environment, leisure, and communication

Fiona Beauchamp, Helen Bourke-Taylor & Ted Brown

Belonging, school support and communication: Essential aspects of school success for students with cerebral palsy in mainstream schools

Helen Bourke-Taylor, Claire Cotter, Lindy Johnson & Aislinn Lalor

School success and participation for students with cerebral palsy: a qualitative study exploring multiple perspectives

Helen M. Bourke-Taylor, Claire Cotter, Aislinn Lalor & Lindy Johnson

Controlled choice, not choice and control: Families’ reflections after one year using the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Australian Occupational Therapy Journal

Young children with cerebral palsy: families self-reported equipment needs and out-of-pocket expenditure

H. Bourke-Taylor, C. Cotter & R. Stephan

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