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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the general structure of a therapy session?
    Typically therapy sessions are booked for 1 hour, consisting of 45 minutes of direct therapy time and 15 minutes for the therapist to complete their legally required session notes. Sometimes, there are many issues to discuss that will require longer than 45 minutes - please let reception know if you require a longer session.
  • Can my therapist come to my home/kinder/school/community and what is the cost?
    Yes, the therapist can complete a visit to these locations. Costs for travel align with the NDIS price guide, consisting of three components: The actual time taken by the therapist to travel to and from the location - billed at the usual therapy rate (Provider Travel) The actual distance travelled by the therapist - billed at $1.00 per kilometre (Non-Labour costs) The use of any tolls, parking charges, etc the therapist is required to pay - (Non-labour costs) However: If your NDIA Plan is ‘NDIA Managed’ or ‘Plan Managed’, CPEC can only offer visits at locations that are no more than 30 minutes travel time from CPEC. However, if there are other participants in your area, we may be able to combine travel costs and keep to the 30 minute cap. CPEC endeavours to minimize travel costs and will group participant visits on a day if possible. If this cannot occur, full travel costs for both directions will apply. For a visit to occur, you will be contacted prior to undertake a visit risk assessment.
  • How do I cancel an individual session?
    Please call or email CPEC Reception - 9560 0700 or as soon as you know you will not be attending. Alternatively reply “No” to the SMS reminder sent nine (9) and seven (7) days prior to your appointment. Please do not leave cancellation messages with your therapist(s), however, you may wish to “cc” them in your email to reception. In line with the NDIS price guide, CPEC will charge for a cancellation if a session is cancelled within 7 days of its scheduled time and CPEC is unable to find replacement work for the cancelled session. If this was for a community visit, this includes the time allocated for planned travel.
  • What happens if I get a new NDIS plan during the year?
    If your NDIS plan is reviewed please email to update our records. You may wish to make amendments to your service agreement if your funding allocation has changed.
  • How do I pay for services?
    For NDIS managed participants, CPEC will claim directly from the NDIS for your services. If you receive a new NDIA plan please notify immediately as this impacts CPEC’s ability to claim funding and may leave you responsible for unpaid amounts. Plan Managed participants can request invoices are sent directly to their Plan Manager. Please see ‘Information for Plan Managed Participants’ at Self-managed participants accessing individual therapy services only, are required to pay at reception at the completion of the session. All other services will be invoiced to the Participant – please be aware that CPEC has 14 day invoice payment terms.
  • What happens if I want to book in additional individual sessions or visits, change therapist or see a specific therapist?
    If changing your current services, please talk to your current therapist or email The Services Coordinator will contact you to discuss your options and any changes to your service agreement that may be required. If requesting therapy you are not currently accessing, please let your therapist know or email so that we can review your request. While every effort to accommodate your request will be made, we may not have the capacity to fulfil your request immediately.
  • What happens if I request therapists to complete work, organise or follow up something for me?"
    The therapist will complete the work and the actual time taken for completion will be charged to you at the sessional rate. This includes any time researching, emailing, making phone calls, providing professional advice or compiling reports on your behalf. Please be aware that both a verbal request or a written request will be accepted as permission to complete the work.
  • What happens if my therapists suggest they complete work or follow up something for me?
    Therapists may approach you with recommendations about indirect work they believe needs to be completed. You have the choice as to whether to go ahead with this. Both verbal or written agreement to this work is taken as permission to proceed.
  • Participant Information Handbook
    The participant booklet provides general information and is recommended reading – this is available below:
  • Concerns
    If you have any concerns the CEO, Claire Cotter is always available to meet with you or email to Please contact reception on 9560 0700 to make an appointment.
  • Do I need to attend every week?
    Yes. The group program is designed to be attended each week so that the information and learning that occurs in each session is built on and developed across the year. If your circumstances change and you are unable to attend regularly please speak to Claire Cotter.
  • Do I pay each week when I attend?
    No, group families are invoiced each week for any services that have occurred, either in group or individually. If you have any questions about these invoices please contact the Finance team at
  • What happens if I need to cancel a group or any individual session/visit?
    Please call or email Reception (9560 0700 or as soon as you can to let them know that your child will not be attending.
  • What do I need to bring to group?
    Please bring along your child’s communication aide (book, device) as well as any supports that you regularly use (arm and leg wraps, AFOs, tummy wrap, vibrating cushion etc.). You may also need to bring along a blanket or small quilt - please check with your team. Each group will have a built-in snack or lunch time so please bring along some food and drink for your child. Some groups may ask you to bring in your child’s walker to walk in/out or during group but this will be clarified at your orientation or throughout the year.
  • What happens if I want to book in more individual sessions or visits?
    Please contact the Intake and Services Team ( to arrange an amendment to your service agreement. They may also liaise with your team to ensure that your therapists have capacity to provide the additional services you are requesting.
  • What happens if I get a new NDIS plan during the year?
    If your NDIS plan is reviewed, either through a planned or unplanned review, please email the Intake and Services Team ( to update our records. You may wish to make amendments to your service agreement if funding allocation has changed.
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