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Consultancy Services

CPEC provides consultancy assistance to a wide range of people and organisations. This is done in conjunction with the family and participant involved and can be a single consultancy or several appointments over time. Consultancy can be done in person or via telehealth. NDIS funding can be used if the participant is agreeable, or it can be funded through other means e.g. private funding, school funding.​


  • To individuals: CPEC can consult individually with a speech pathologist, occupational therapist or physiotherapist who is providing services to a person with a motor impairment.

  • To teams: In the same way, CPEC can provide consultancy to a whole team of therapists who are providing services to a person with a motor impairment. This is particularly useful for an individual living in a rural or remote area of Victoria or Australia where there are no local specialist services available.

  • To specialist schools: CPEC can provide therapy consultancy to education and therapy teams in specialist schools in Victoria. This is in addition to the online training provided by the Department of Education and Training who contract CPEC to provide very specific training for students with cerebral palsy

  • To mainstream schools: CPEC provides a wide range of consultancy to local schools where students with cerebral palsy or similar conditions are enrolled. 

Group of teachers sitting in classroom participating in a CPEC workshop

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