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Wendy Webster

Speech Pathologist

Wendy has been a Speech Pathologist for over 35 years with a strong passion for enabling functional interactive skills and encouraging the exploration of creativity and expression of personality for all who have complex communication needs. This has been developed since the mid 1980’s while working in a variety of school settings, Cerebral Palsy League, Disability Services and private practice. Other roles related to AAC have included Co-ordinator of Let’s Talk Days and Camp Have a Chat, National Chairperson of AGOSCI and AGOSCI Conference convener.

She has known Gayle since 2008 and feels very honoured to be a Certified PODD Presenter. Wendy has introduced PODD to children, adolescents and adults and their communication partners during this time, including people with physical impairment and/or sensory challenges since birth and with acquired disabilities. This has necessitated learning how to personalise vocabulary for the AAC user, and how to create confident communication communities enabling these people to enjoy being smart partners for those they live and work with. Wendy is experienced with implementing both the paper-based PODD and PODD pagesets on a device. Wendy and others are considering how to maintain the rage about enabling AAC in this NDIS world.

Wendy is available to present 2-day PODD Introductory workshops, whole service 1-day workshops, Alternate Access workshops. Wendy also is able to run community-based workshops for family networks (2-4 hours based on need). She works in Queensland with other areas being negotiable.

0432 697 306

Wendy Webster
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