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Key Participant Documentation

Welcome to CPEC!

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Participant Information Handbook

Service Agreement Terms & Conditions

Key Policies

Cancellation Policy

Child Participant Policy

Complaints and Feedback Policy (Easy Read)

Early Childhood Supports Policy

Family Policy

Incident Management Policy

Inclusion Policy

Participant Rights Policy

Outcome Based Approach Policy

Capacity Building Policy

Collaboration Policy

Complaints and Feedback Policy

Evidence Informed Practice Policy

Incident Management Policy (Easy Read)

Information Management Policy

Legal and Human Rights Policy

Participant and Family Engagement Policy

Child Safety & Wellbeing Policies

Child Safety & Wellbeing Policy

Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy


Child Safety & Wellbeing Resources

PROTECT: Identifying and Responding to All Forms of Abuse in Early Childhood Services

PROTECT: Protecting Children from Abuse: For Families (Early Childhood)

PROTECT: Responding to Suspected Child Abuse: A Template for all Victorian Schools

PROTECT: Spotting the Warning Signs of Child Abuse (Early Childhood)


Participant information on making a complaint

Complaints and Feedback Form

Incident Report & Investigation Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Group Programs of Supports & Cancellations

Individual Therapy Services & Cancellations

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