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2-day PODD Introductory workshop (Glen Waverley)

The introductory workshop introduces PODD communication system including the theory, strategies and practices that support the design, production and implementation of robust communication systems to enable genuine communication at any time.

This workshop focuses mainly on Direct Access PODD (paper) books and electronic page sets and provides the foundation information for all other workshops. It’s an opportunity to learn strategies for teaching and using PODD with children of all ages, adults and their communication partners. Videos and case examples are shared. Participants have hands-on practice with PODD communication books.

Monday 27th November - Tuesday 28th November, 2023

PODD Alternative Access 1-day workshop

The focus of this workshop is Alternative Access PODD communication books designed for individuals who have physical challenges directly pointing to a display with their hands but can see picture symbols and manage the visual complexity of a whole page to indicate a symbol they require.

They may be accessing, or learning to access a communication book via a range of alternative access methodologies including:
• direct eye-gaze (eye-pointing),
• partner assisted visual scanning (PAVS)
• a combination of direct pointing and partner assisted visual scanning or eye gaze plus partner assisted visual scanning
• coded access.

The design features, procedures to operate and teach each access method are discussed. Participants have the opportunity to practice using each access method. Completion of a two-day PODD Introductory workshop is a pre-requisite for this workshop.

Wednesday 29th November, 2023

PODD Advanced 5 day workshop

This intensive advanced PODD workshop is for people who have completed a two-day PODD Introductory workshop and are now seeking to further develop their knowledge and skill. (Note: Completion of an advanced PODD course is a prerequisite for people who are interested in applying for certification as a PODD presenter in the future.)

Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, CPEC will not be providing any catering for participants

Thank you to the 2023 PODD Advanced Workshop participants. Further dates to be announced

Whole service 1-day PODD Overview workshop

This workshop provides teachers, support personnel, parents, family members, therapists and other communication partners with information and strategies to more effectively interact with and teach individuals who are learning to use PODD communication books.

Participants have the opportunity for hands-on practice with tips for learning to use PODD communication books to communicate in daily life.

Please note: The 2 day PODD Introductory workshop covers more in-depth information for practitioners who will be designing and customizing PODD communication books for specific individuals.

Request this workshop for your school or organisation

PODD page sets for Speech Generating Devices workshop

The focus of this workshop is the design features of PODD page sets to suit speech generating devices. The content will build on the information relating to the purpose, design principles, intervention strategies and use of PODD communication books covered in the two-day introductory workshop.

Completion of a two-day Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) Introductory workshop is a prerequisite for this course.

Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, CPEC will not be providing any catering for participants.

Date and time to be confirmed

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