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Family Services Coordinator

Gaynor, our Family Services Coordinator, has spent over 40 years as an Occupation Therapist working with children with a disability, and their families. She has worked in many varied community and regional settings, advocating for and supporting inclusion. Gaynor loves connecting with children and seeing the twinkle in their eyes, and encouraging a ‘can do attitude’.

Gaynor enjoys problem solving ways for children to be the ‘best version of themselves’ and understanding each individual’s personality and characteristics. Working with families as part of the transdisciplinary team at CPEC, Gaynor adds insights, learning, collaboration and a richness to outcomes for each individual. Gaynor has a passion for listening to families stories, walking alongside families and encouraging peer parent to parent support on this life changing journey. She is always happy to have a chat with families.

Gaynor’s children and granddaughter bring her joy. She also enjoys tending to her beautiful garden, chopping wood, walking in the forest, reading, sewing and creating.

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