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Melissa R

Melissa R

Speech Pathologist

Melissa brings a wealth of knowledge to the team at CPEC. She is a Senior Speech Pathologist whose primary role is mentoring. Throughout her eighteen years as a clinician, Melissa has gained significant clinical expertise in implementing Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) with children, teenagers and adults with complex communication needs. Melissa also works in private practice where she supports individuals with complex communication needs in both mainstream and special school settings, as well as across the lifespan.

Melissa's favourite part of her job is empowering individuals to communicate by their own intentions. She has worked extensively across a range of service delivery models to successfully implement the PODD communication system to strive towards autonomous communication. She has experience working with schools, group programs and at an organisational level as a consultant.

Melissa is a Certified PODD Presenter and frequently presents at workshops and conferences domestically and internationally. She works with the Department of Education and Training (DET), presenting a series of workshops to provide training to DET employees regarding best practice in supporting student with CCN in the school setting. Melissa is also trained in key word sign and PROMPT therapy.

When Melissa is not at CPEC, she enjoys spending time with her three beautiful daughters and their puppy. Melissa is often found in her garden, cultivating her herbs and vegetables.

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