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Back to School!

After a wonderful holiday break, it’s time to come back to school. We’re sure that everyone is enjoying their first week back seeing friends and making new ones too!

What is your child’s set up and positioning like in their classroom?

  • Stable positioning and set up at your child’s classroom table is an essential part of ensuring they can actively participate in classroom discussions and learning. When in a stable position, this enables your child to focus on their learning, can help with effectively accessing their work, and can reduce fatigue throughout the school day. Please speak to one of our PTs or OTs about how they can help with positioning and set up in the classroom.

  • Does your child need a sensory warm up or sensory breaks? Providing frequent and purposeful sensory input can help prepare your child for learning and increase attention. Speak to our Occupational Therapists for appropriate sensory strategies.

Chatting with friends:

  • Interacting with peers and making friends plays a crucial role in your child’s sense of belonging and can help build their self-esteem. School is a perfect environment to make friends and work on social skills.

  • Some children may find this difficult and can benefit from support from adults. Facilitating peer interaction can help a child be more successful and build confidence. Speak to our Speech Pathologists for more information about how you can support peer interactions!

Helpful hints and tips:

For more information, please contact our friendly team via

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