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Water Play

Water play at CPEC and at home is always a popular choice as the weather has been very warm lately!

Water play is a fun and engaging way to build your confidence in and around water and safety precautions, as well as to create social interaction and exposure with friends and family.

Water play is such a versatile option for children of all ages. Below are examples of how you can participate in water play safely with family and friends.


  • Standing is a great option for water play. Use a purpose built water tray or a tub of water on a table

  • Whether sitting or standing, make sure that your child doesn’t have to lift their arms up to reach into the tub. For a comfortable reach, aim for their elbows to be around 90 degrees

  • Think about how your child can stabilise while they play – can they lean on the table or tub safely? Do they need a grasp bar next to the tub to help them push up?


  • Use paint brushes or rollers to ‘paint’ the path or the fence or the house with water – this helps the child to learn to grasp or hold on to objects too!

  • Use cups or jugs that have handles that are easy for your child to grasp

  • Practice open/close of hands by squeezing sponges or toys that squirt water

  • Freeze toys in water and use plastic hammers to break the toys free.


  • If using aided language, make sure it’s water-safe!

  • See Aided Language Display for water play below – we recommend laminating it to make it water proof.

If you have any questions regarding water play or how you can implement this into your everyday lifestyle, please contact the team at CPEC via

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